43534 - Crime against Hellenism

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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There are Crimes against Humanity and Crimes of War. With the Prespes Pre-agreement now there is also Crime against Hellenism. It is not only an attempt against Macedonia but also of the whole Hellenism. Because the signatures placed are of stalinism that never accepted the existence of Hellenism. So all fanatics of this dictatorship went up against Macedonia due of their beliefs because they hate Greece. Even the rejection of the greek flag is distinctive. So all those who left because they didn’t want to live in greek territories and went to Skopje they now want to get revenge from History because they could hardly swallow their defeat in World War II. They couldn’t also swallow the collapse of the Soviet Union and in subsequence that of the Yugoslavian Union. But for their passions nobody is at fault but the same system which they have chosen as a model, since in essence it doesn’t work because the people very simply resist to its application because it violates their rights. So the time has come to resist in practice to this barbarity so that the liberation of Greece from this yoke, finally begins.