43572 - The significance of the second round

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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It may be that the announcement of the early national elections has absorbed the interest of the electorate, however, the second round of the elections at both municipal and regional levels remains important for the future of our homeland.
Additionally, the fact that these votes function proportionally means that each vote has its own value since that has been transformed into seats.
Consequently, the initiation of the liberation which took place in the first round ought to be enhanced.
Because no one has forgotten what has occurred with the Skopian issue nor with Mati.
It is not therefore the last propaganda tricks which will set traps for the Greek people.
The vast majority understood that the Rallies functioned catalytically in regards to the election of both municipal and regional councilors.
The issue now exclusively concerns the headquarters of the Municipalities and Regions.
Because It is them who will give the stigma of the elections, but of course the dynamics of the future course as well, and at that level of course it’s the voters who will play the substantial role in regards to the continuation of the battle towards the liberation.