43608 - The necessary developments

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Whatever the propaganda’s political henchmen may say, the Greek nation didn’t shine due to abstention at these elections, but because it showed its will with courage, as it hasn’t forgotten any national issue.
Therefore, false interpretations of the election results can’t distort reality simply for the justification a defeat, which was nevertheless expected, due to the enormous mistakes of the ruling party as well as its non-strategic choices.
The Greek nation didn’t vote merely in order to punish, but so it would take action without waiting any longer.
With the braveness with which it continued the task of the Rallies, the Greek nation in actual fact forced the government to fall and call for early elections by necessity.
The early national elections were not the result of a national and strategic choice of the ruling party, but on the contrary, the expression of a need, in order to save whatever could still be saved.
However the counterattack of the Greek nation has actually proclaimed the initiation of the liberation, and for that reason we will have countless developments.