43627 - The invalidation as a criterion for the elections

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The invalidation of the Prespes pre-agreement has become an election criterion. We’ve seen it during all the electoral actions we have experienced so far, at both European and local levels, and we will see it at the national elections as well.
The Greek nation understood that only with courage and pressure will they manage to change the data.
It has begun to make its presence more noticeable and not merely at the polling booths.
Because, all those who will be parliament candidates and will be supported by the Greek nation ought to have taken a specific stance in regards to the invalidation of the Prespes pre-agreement because no one has forgotten the issue of Macedonia.
We are already seeing citizens posterboarding official references about this, and are directly asking politicians to state their stance re: the issue.
The national elections because they follow the previous ones so directly, obtain clear dynamics, and the citizens vote for Hellenism and not for partisanship.
Macedonia will be at the center of the national elections, because everyone knows that the decisions we need at the political level will be taken by the next Hellenic Parliament.
Consequently, the criterion will be even stronger due to need.