43715 - Thanks to Macedonia, the parenthesis closes

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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It may be that some are under the impression that they constitute an integral part of the Greek political system, however reality is different and this was obvious due to the influence of the new Macedonian Battle.
In this sense, we can say that Macedonia saved Greece through its intervention.
Because with the battle it caused, the Greeks initiated the resistance and now the liberation.
Consequently, those who can see that this parenthesis is beginning to close are more and more now.
Of course, for many this has been a slow process because they have been sick and tired of seeing such an extreme partisanly approach to all issues as well as the exploitation of the economic situation in order for an ideology that has never succeeded in Greece because we are pro freedom, to be imposed.
During this phase, we also discover the internal frictions which exist within the defeated political party, because many were ready to sacrifice alot while there was a context of political power, but not when that is over and done with.
It’s for that reason that the cycle change is being prepared, because even the internal reactions function exponentially.