44058 - All united for the invalidation

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

In the beginning no one dared to talk about the invalidation of the Prespes pre-agreement, because many feared the censorship of the government which applied tremendous pressure so that no voice would be heard, no resistance whatsoever, nevertheless Hellenism remained standing on its feet, and began to demand more and more dynamically, that they would all respect the History.
Consequently, after the Euro-elections we see more and more Greeks who function together and coordinated, because now everyone understands that things have changed and there is a liberation context in existence.
Therefore, the initial resistance has now been transformed into a counterattack because quite simply the Greeks do not take a step back anymore.
Consequently, all the predictions of barbarism have collapsed and everyone comes across freely against a system which has encroached upon the nation for so long, and which now goes bankrupt because it hasn’t been able to apply the absurd upon reality.
It is good that the next government also is aware that the Greek nation doesn’t forget and it continues the fight right to the end whoever the opponent may be.