44250 - The renegotiation code

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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In order for the renegotiation of an agreement which is assumedly final to take place, it ought to initially be invalidated
Therefore, those who support the renegotiation they indirectly promote the invalidation.
The opposition’s Interior administrative officer and current parliamentarian candidate for eastern Attica, positioned himself in favour of the renegotiating of the Prespes Pre- agreement.
He pointed out that the renegotiation it’s not easy when it refers to the name, but it may concern nationality, language, trademarks and school books.
All of these points in actual fact invalidate the pre-agreement before the Skopian NATO accession process is completed.
This practically means that the pressure of the Greek nation continues upon the main opposition party as well.
And due of the national elections, more and more members will be forced to alter those general statements regarding respect towards the issue.
Because the initial respect you ought to have as a Greek politician is the respect towards the will of the Greek nation, especially when you observe it through the Ralies for the name of Macedonia.
It’s a matter of political dignity for the future and for the course of Greek politics.