44353 - A liberated thought re: Northern Epirus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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When we intertemporally examine the problems Northern Epirus has suffered, we observe that there is constantly a stigma of red barbarism which has tried in every manner to place the Northern Epirotes at the outskirts of Hellenism, not only in order to methodically exterminate them, but to also indirectly wound Hellenism as such.
The Northern Epirotes are not merely victims of Greece’s odd and irrational politics, but they are also targeted since the beginning purely for political reasons.
It took an entire fanatical political party element, in order to devour them and to use them against Hellenism through the accusations against Greece.
The Northern Epirotes in this manner were no longer a mere minority, but a entity of people who could be managed by the red barbarism in order to specifically undermine Hellenism.
Consequently, it’s not regarding a confrontation between two States, or even two nations, but about an ideology which uses a population in order to strike against the Greek reality.
However, the truth of the matter is, that the Northern Epirotes are not only officially a national Greek minority. but also a people who belong to the Indigenous Peoples with Rights recognized by the United Nations.