44466 - Assessment of the Mission in Western Sahara. Rabat, Morocco, 13/07/2019

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Our first mission in Africa and specifically in Morocco is about to reach completion. It allowed us to see closely how things are in Western Sahara, how things are in Laayoune and there on in Dakhla.
We’ve seen people who reside there, who are developing, who are struggling so that an exponential growth may exist, and we could even observe a utilization without an exploitation of the desert, and that means there is respect for the environment, for the people and for the mentality which has been in existence for eons now in Morocco.
Consequently, that was very important for us, and it establishes our points of view so that we can help the local people even more , who are so much in need of defensiveness towards their rights, and we can now do that in an even more objective manner, having at hand data which really characterizes this Atlantic country which lives between the Atlantic Ocean and Sahara, therefore in fact between two oceans.