44646 - The resistance of the Rallies

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

There are many who haven’t yet realized that the rallies regarding the Macedonian name issue weren’t only directed against a certain government, but towards any other which supports unacceptable positions against Hellenism.
Therefore those who believe that there will not be any rallies taking place because the government has changed they are wrong.
Because this depends upon the government’s decisions in regards to the issue of Macedonia.
We now see that there is formally a position and a search for information, which means that the approach is different now.
However, it is certain that the rallies will return to the forefront, because the Greek nation is dissatisfied about the delay of the decisions regarding the matter.
Consequently, even the moves which have already taking place in order to be liberated from the ideological yoke, are not sufficient for the continuity, and they should be intensified fast, so that finally a practical resistance towards the absurd will become obvious.
And one way for that to occur, is by changing the Joint Committee of Experts on Archeology, Education and History issues, which prepares the new history book, just as the previous Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanted it, due to ideology rather than pressure.
Therefore, we are all ready for the next step which will be needed for the new Macedonian battle.