44920 - Energean Mediterranean Union

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The Ministers of Energy from Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the USA are utterly coordinated upon the issues of EEZ utilization and exploitation within the Eastern Mediterranean. In actual fact, they support the sovereign rights of Cyprus in the most definite manner. Hellenism in this sense has found other more powerful allies regarding its positions in this strategic region. In this context, they actively promote the natural gas pipeline which directly concerns Greece, Cyprus, Israel and, of course, Italy. Additionally, they will collaborate on matters regarding energean storage, renewable energy source, environmental protection, cybersecurity, but most importantly we will obtain a common mechanism for preparedness and responsiveness in emergency situations, and one which is directly related to underwater oil and natural gas activities. The fact that all these countries are in fact together, is directly associated with the diagram of energean flow, and more specifically the natural gas one, which connects the Eastern Mediterranean with the European Union. They are all in agreement in regards to the issue of Cyprus as well as with the revenue distribution within the island. That in fact means that they are all united regarding the matter and they pay no attention whatsoever to Turkey’s statements.