45060 - Invalidation and Referendum

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As far as the Prespes Pre-agreement is concerned, it is clear that the Greek nation demand its cancellation even before that becomes an agreement.
It is also quite clear to those who only observe the Greek reality that the six month period is over, and that we can now formally make observations upon everything that is out of date and line in regards to the Pre-agreement .
Additionally, nobody can prevent us from requesting a referendum aiming its invalidation, if the government does not want to do it alone.
The referendum is a right of the Greek nation.
In other words, there is no strategic difference between a direct invalidation and a cancellation through a referendum, it is clearly a matter of tactics.
If the government does not want to give us the right to a referendum then it would have to explain why not, as such an inaction would be unconstitutional.
We don’t care if the government itself wouldn’t be able to ever say that it has historically resisted against this barbarism. What matters is that Hellenism does it, and another way for that to occur is the referendum.