45094 - Which government will protect the Greeks of the Diaspora?

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Which government will protect the Greeks of the Diaspora from the ballast trash left behind by the issue of the Prespes Pre-agreement ?
At this point of time all the margins and deadlines in regards to the implementation of its articles are over, and we are already seeing problems with the flag issue, as well as the usage of the Vergina Star, which ought to have been resolved by 1995.
In other words, the previous government asked for what we had already gained prior, and in a formal manner at that, even though Skopje of course never implemented it.
And now Skopian events abroad continue to use the illegal flag. And the problems will continue as such in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.
And who will be the one to tell the Greeks abroad, what their attitude ought to be towards the Skopians who act irredentistically because they do not believe in this Pre-agreement, as they are aware that it was created in an irrational manner, and does not constitute an agreement between nations, but an ideological doctrine?