45095 - Vulnerable Pre-Agreement

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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From now on, the Prespes Pre-Agreement will indicate how vulnerable it is, due to all its structural problems.
Therefore, we will really see what all those who are supposedly inspecting its implementation at state level will have to say .
Because at this point of time, every illegality ought to be recorded.
Otherwise the existence of the articles which are supposed to make provision for the changes are dissipated.
Consequently, no one will have any excuse anymore because from now on, the actions will have immediate consequences.
The point is, for the observations to take place, without us entering into an artificial diplomatic context which will try to reduce the facts as such.
Because the Pre-Agreement has many problematic points, we will have more and more consequences.
All those in charge at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ought to make reports in regard to these new facts and not conceal them.
The Pre-Agreement is not only an action against Hellenism, but it also has problems in itself, because it was not created in order to be functional, but so as to appear that it occurred for ideological reasons alone.