45192 - Greek EEZ and Contracts

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The contracts we are awaiting to be ratified by the Hellenic Parliament during the summer are of great importance to the Greek EEZ, since both marine regions, South West of Crete and West of Crete, touch upon the midline which defines the EEZ’s of Greece and Libya.
In other words, the fact that the consortium we are about to sign with, involves the USA and France, both of which we are aware of what their position is, in relation to Libya, and specifically in regards to the closure of Sirte Bay, is of great importance, because it comes to enhance the 4001/2011 amendment as well, which unilaterally defined the de facto demarcation of our EEZ in that region, a fact which will also make it easier for us diplomatically to carry through our official contacts with Libya, so that we may reach a demarcation agreement and finally move on to the de jure phase.
We consequently can see, that an issue which is of merely economic interest, since we are refering to the EEZ, it ultimately carries consequences for Greece at a national level as well.
It is for that reason that this voting in the new Greek Parliament is important for the future of our homeland, and it doesn’t merely constitute a technical issue for just the experts.