45216 - Zeolite in Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Εlena Karpouzis

Zeolite in Greece is continuing its task dynamically, at such a degree, that the Department of Agriculture and Development ought to become informed about its benefits.
We had informed the previous Minister, but the changes in Greek politics are so rapid, that the new Minister ought to be re-informed so that he can in fact help the farmers, and that he may organize an implementation for the olive fruit fly programme, so that we may indeed have the results which will change the lives of the people.
Also, the fact that we now have Greek Zeolite, and that 8% of its emoluments goes toward the Greek State, is an additional argument for the new government.
Additionally, It is good to have applications in the livestock sector as well, not only due to the riddance of all odors for the businessmen but also for their neighbors as well.
But the most important fact is that Zeolite improves the quality of life for the animals and this constitutes an added value.
Zeolite exists, we know of its implementations, so there is only political will that’s required.