45306 - In view of the 4th Pancretan Energean Conference

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

After 4 years, the Pancretan Energean Conference has matured and what constituted an innovation initially, when it was difficult to be comprehended by the general public due to lack of information, it now became a reference point in the field, because it was able to carry across to the public, and in fact in a simple manner, what the future of Greece really is, and what is the role of Crete in this new energean chessboard.
Over time, the Pancretan Energean Conference is indicative that the Cretans had a particular interest in these issues, and that there were consecutive developments which needed to be incorporated into Crete’s strategic decisions in order to enhance and support the Greek positions both within the European Union. and in the Eastern Mediterranean.
In other words, this conference is an continous revision of the Greek EEZ as well as the hydrocarbon data.
It is for that reason that more and more institutions and statutory bodies are interested in actively participating with their very presence and not merely with sponsorships.
Through the Conference we have experienced our first contacts with Total, Exxon Mobil, Repsol and the Hellenic Petroleum, the first contracts regarding marine block 2 in the Ionian Sea, with block 10 near Katakolo, in the marine region Ionion and in the Ionian Sea , as well as in regions West of Crete and Southwest of Crete, the discoveries of the Kalypso and Glafkos reserves in the Cypriot EEZ, following the discovery of Egypt’s ZOHR reserve, and the contract regarding the Aphrodite reserve situated between Cyprus and Egypt.
Consequently, we observed how important strategic information is, in regards to national energean issues at the hyperpartisanly level.