45439 - If the Skopians are burning Greek flags

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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If the Skopians are burning the Greek, the Albanian and the Bulgarian flags in Melbourne, what is the issue which was solved by the Prespes Pre-agreement, which has not yet become an Agreement at NATO level?
Therefore, what constitutes the great achievement of the negotiating team?
Who doesn’t observe even from now the failure of this movement ?
And who will protect Hellenism from such attacks which constitute specimens of barbarism?
In actual fact, the problematic foundations that exist and which cannot be negated by this Pre-agreement, are as from now obvious.
Additionally, because we have researched its structure, we are aware of how fundamentally wrong it is, and that’s not only in regards to Articles 1 and 7.
At a more general context, we can see that the new government invalidates one by one the points established by the previous : ie, the flag bearer will no longer be selected randomly, and Pavlos Melas and the Macedonian fighters are returning.
So why we ought to wait for the results of the Joint Committee of Experts in regards to the History Books, and we don’t change as from now the composition of this committee from the Greek side in order to rationally and strategically fight against Article 8 and more specifically paragraph 3, which is based upon Article 20.4.
Although we are moving forward re: the Greek EEZ issues, with the two new contracts involving the Exxon Mobil, Total and Hellenic Petroleum consortium, regarding the marine regions West of Crete and South West of Crete, why do we leave the problematic Article 13 concerning access to the Greek EEZ?
The problems do exist, so let’s finally solve them in a strategic manner.