45762 - The Greek EEZ fighters

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Those who have been struggling for years now, not to say decades, as far as the older ones are concerned, to promote the Greek EEZ, ought to be glad regarding the new contracts which are coming, since they constitute the implementation of their vision.
The fact that large range companies are coming to Greece in order to do research, drillings and exploitation within the Greek EEZ, is of enormous geopolitical importance.
Repsol, Total and Exxon Mobil are some of the most important companies in the world, and they are coming to do research within the Greek EEZ, while many of our own were dogmatically opposed, and were explaining to us that there was nothing there, or ever if it were something, it would be at such a great depth, that as result it would be of no commercial interest.
Now however that a phase change is occurring, everyone is trying to tell us that they were with us from the beginning.
That does not matter. What’s of substance is not the justification but the implementation as far as the fighters are concerned.
They expect nothing from those who were saying that the Greek EEZ has no value whatsoever, and they continue along their battle path, in order for the practical benefits for Hellenism to become finally obvious.
Because we now ought to fight against those who have taken a position within a political party, which for purely partisanly purposes does not want to admit the enormous value of the entire endeavor.
We ought to simultaneously function constructively in order to prepare the ground for green ports which will function on natural gas, and more specifically LNG, instead of using marine fuel which generates so much pollution and which we purchase very dearly overseas, because we had never before invested in our own mineral wealth within the Greek EEZ.