45775 - The matters of the Nation

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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To be quite clear, those who were against Macedonia are also against the Greek EEZ, because they believe that it also belongs to the national matters, and is consequently, incompatible with their ideological approach, which detests the notion of the Greek Nation.
Therefore, we shouldn’t expect much of those individuals who cannot be disengaged from this doctrine.
After all, it’s for the same reasons, that they don’t promote the issue of the recognizion of the genocide afflicted upon Pontian Greeks as yet, even though we’ve reached the Centennial anniversary this year.
There is no need therefore for us to wait for other forces in regards to these national issues except from the ones we already have.
Quite the contrary, we ought to continue these battles counting solely upon ourselves, so as not to face any unpredictabilities due to delusions.
The evolution of Greece and the liberation of Hellenism depends solely upon us, because no one else will do it, because you ought to love the people of your homeland and
to feel that this concerns the continuation of intertemporal Hellenism which as from the beginning constituted a gift of Time to Humanity due to extroversion and innovation.