45821 - The pressures upon Skopje have begun

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The Greek government through its Foreign Ministry has begun to apply pressure upon Skopje due of the Prespes Pre-agreement, pointing out that in actual fact the necessary changes as per the text signed by the two countries at bilateral level did not take place as required.
However if we take a good look at how this diplomatic pressure is being exercised, we can see that it in actual fact is based upon the intermediate agreement.
Therefore, Athens blames Skopje for not having yet removed the Vergina Sun, and because they are continuing to use the term Macedonian on their products.
We observe therefore, that we have a branching in comparison with the previous government, who made no observations to Skopje about what they had agreed upon.
Consequently, although Athens has not yet invalidated the Pre-agreement, it explains that its non-implementation constitutes a form of invalidation, and that as long as Skopje does not abide by anything they had agreed upon, there is no reason for Greece to consider itself bound.
Because it sees that there are internal problems in Skopje, and that the leadership has a deliberate procrastination, so that it gains diplomatic benefits, but without the political cost regarding to the voters.
And because the government has changed, things are not the same.