45881 - Strategic History of Hellenism

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The strategic history of Hellenism is written by national decisions and the ratification within in the Greek Parliament of the four contracts for hydrocarbon research and exploitation within the Greek EEZ belongs to those decisions.
Therefore, all Members of Parliament who voted for this ratification, would be able to say in the future that they were there at the right time, and that they had made the correct decision in regards to the strategic history of Hellenism.
Because the utilization of the Greek EEZ is not merely an economic issue but a strategic one as well.
The EEZ obtains a strategic scope, because it is capable of creating strong alliances due to energy.
It is strategy and energy which form the stable foundation of politics and economy.
Without strategy and energy, the latter mentioned are merely dependent and can do nothing for the evolution of the world.
In Greece, rarely in recent years did we have strategic decisions which are of historical importance, and for that reason we ought to be aware of, and highlight such occurrences which will form the basis for the future of Hellenism.
There are still many who are under the impression that only the crisis is of some significance, but those who are aware, realize that a new page is now beginning in our history and we ought to rejoice in regards to this advancement after so many years.
The Greek EEZ tool, changes interrelationships and enhances alliances.
It functions as a catalytic context, and its utilization through hydrocarbons is an example to be followed.
With the new data it evokes, we will not only have growth as many who observe some elements say, but literally recovery, which is faundamentally a different fact.
Consequently, during this period, with these decisions, we are creating the memory of the future.
This is what the next ones will remember.
They will no longer see the difficulties which we had to overcome, nor the ideological contradictions.
They will have as their own property the Greek EEZ itself.
Because after these contracts we have just proclaimed, there will be a third licensing round in order for this work of Hellenism which shields Greece, to continue.
Because we are in the beginning of the utilization of the energean chessboard.
And this isn’t only important for Greece, but for the entire European Union.
The reserves sought out for natural gas by the consortiums, range in size between giagantic to hypergiagantic.
Therefore, it’s not about mere details and typical matters, but in fact about the substance of the Greek political life.
In this sense, we ought to be grateful to any Member of Parliament who voted for this validation, because if there is this new page in the strategic history of Greece,.it is thanks to them that it exists
They made a political decision which is of strategic importance and it’s thanks to them that Greece’s geopolitics is upgraded .
We may have not yet all realized it, but what we are experiencing those days is a genuine piece of the history
of Hellenism and nothing less.