45916 - Turkey’s Security Council and the Christians

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Turkey’s Security Council has targeted the Christians and it incriminates them as extremist elements which ought to be eliminated for the protection of the state.
These extreme ideas against the Christians are which take Turkey back to regression .
Because they assume the entire European Union as been hostile.
Therefore, with secret plans this council organizes movements which are reminiscent of the first phases of genocides.
All the studies occurring by this council aim at an absolute barbarism against Christians on the pretext of security.
It has listed down all Christian prayer venues, churches, and other places of worship, in order to propose legal and administrative measures so as to prevent Christians from using them.
It has planned similar actions for schools which obtain Christian elements, but also against media that support Christian points of view.
In other words, we are observing the implementation of a plan which would frighten both Lemkin and Stanton.
Consequently, it is wise to bare these movements in mind so that we wouldn’t be naive, and so as to finally be able to protect the other innocent who live within Turkey and haven’t the slightest idea that their every step is being recorded, as if they were terrorists, whereas the truth is that the regime it self relies upon the concept of terror, because it knows that no one could respect this arbitrariness as an action of a state.
In any case, Turkey is increasingly estranging it self from the ideals of Humanity.