46068 - The measures of the American President

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

The foggy scenery cleared up and those who spoke about the strange moves of the American President while they said nothing about the green light that the Russia had given to Turkey, now have to take it all back discreetly because in essence they were exposed. As the American President, announced the measures that the USA will take against Turkey due to the unacceptable and criminal behavior against the Kurds and especially the civilian population. So he clarified what America’s position is on the issue and removed the misinterpretations of the situation. So America doesn’t abandon the Kurds, as some had rushed to say, but without having substantiated evidence. The measures which he announced come to reinforce the positions of the European Union against the behavior of Turkey and this fact is of great importance. Because whatever was said, we now see the essence of the issue since Russia remains at Turkey’s side while Assad is making an agreement with the Kurds and the USA are taking position against Turkey with economic measures that will result in a great cost against Turkey and its chaotic economy.