46076 - European Union says NO to Skopje. Ottawa, 15/10/2019

N. Lygeros

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It’s a pleasure to be here in Ottawa. I will do this, switch between the two subjects, Macedonian issue, energy. I will switch also between the language as I feel it in greek or in english, as you say here and I will try to show you that there is a relation between these two subjects. In fact they are related due to the strategy. The one problem is a political problem, about the Macedonian issue, the other one is clearly an energy problem but in fact they are related because the notion of EEZ, we said AOZ in greek, is very important as a tool, as an instrument, to try to change the world and of course the position of Greece in the European Union and also in NATO. Right now I will start with an information because this is the point. You know, the government of Skopje is trying to get a place in the European Union. So today we have a new thing about that, it was rejected, so it was rejected by France and Netherlands. So maybe some of you would have preferred to be rejected by Greece but it was done. Why I will like to show and put emphasis on this information. I will like to show that, you know Zaef said: If you have the pre agreement of Prespa, it is ok, we will be in the European Union. Now you have the proof of the contrary. Why? You know we hear all the time that European Union wants Skopje in their team. But it’s wrong and now we have the proof. Why? Because in fact even after the process of the agreement in February, even after the six months for the compromise, we can say it like this, we see in fact that now in October, they have no date. So it’s very strange, I mean especially for the greek people because many of us thought that it was a pressure from the European Union to solve this problem and that the solution of this problem who will go further in European Union. And now we see that the same set of countries said: no we don’t want now. By the way they don’t also want Albania. So in fact this is a proof, in mathematics’ world, that it was a wrong argument. And by the way we are trying now to show you the new things that are related with to new state of art of this problem.