46310 - Nothing ought to be taken for granted in Skopje

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As much as they want to present the problems in a positive manner, nothing is to be taken for granted in Skopje anymore. The resistance of France, the Netherlands and Denmark eliminated any certainty from the Skopian side’s vocabulary.
All that was said about their predicted course was a mere stunt which collapsed without making a lot of noise, because the fanatics who were promoting this scheme failed to do anything substantial.
FYROM remains a state which is behind in its development and which continues to observe each of its problems ideologically, because it has not been able to sustain any historicity in what it says.
The falsification of history could be a political party hagiography but it cannot become history.
Because history has to obtain within her, intertemporal elements in order for her to survive without fear.
There are more and more those who understand that FYROM is not a nation state
It is merely an artificial conglomeration of nations which do not in fact feel that they belong to a single entity.
Each nation wants to live with its own state and historical entity and we observe that quite strongly in the case of the Albanians, the Bulgarians and the Serbs.
FYROM remains the problem of an artificial solution, without a range, that is against history.
Consequently, it is wise not to invest in a state which cannot even project itself into the future, because it has no historical roots to support it.