46406 - Map of the catastrophes in Northern Epirus in 1913

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

This map, which is archived at the National Library of France, was published in 1913 and maintains accounts or the catastrophes which occurred in Northern Epirus.
Its theme is the victims of war.
At the bottom left side, it explains what the disks mean, depending on the code they obtain.
More specifically down the row, it specifies whether it’s regarding an intact city or village, a looted, burnt, burnt and looted, completely burnt, 30 burnt houses, 60 burnt houses, 100 burnt houses, 150 burnt houses and 540 burnt houses.
Consequently, the targeting of the region is clearly obvious, and if we associate that with the fact that we are during the period when Albania ought to be born, due of Italy’s desire for the Greek state not to expand, then the magnitude of the catastrophes is understandable, as well as the will of Sforza in 1919 for Albania to return to the borders it obtained in 1913.
With this map we can observe the encroachment which the Northern Epirotes had endured during that period, so that the entire region may integrate in this barbaric manner into the newly established state.