46837 - Applied Upgraded History

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

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One simple way to realize the value of Upgraded History, is to apply it in a framework which is considered well known. A concrete example is 1974.
The small history believes that it is combined with the facts of 1963 and 1964, which are explained with the facts of the struggle for liberation 1955-1959 and the London-Zürich Agreement. But deep history through Chronostrategy proves that it correlates with the Articles 20 and 21 of the Lausanne Treaty in 1923 which were not implemented, with the change of phase of 1914 which consists of a consequence of the Treaty of Berlin of 1878 and the overthrow of the elements of the first invasion of 1570-1571, which follows the siege of Malta in 1565. Upgraded History combines these facts with 1522 and 1444 for the sieges of Rhodes and 1683 for the second siege of Vienna. So Turkey which didn’t succeed in entering central Europe, which has only ruins in the Balkans, wants along with Constantinople to have at least Cyprus because of prestige and not of strategic necessity. This way they know how Cyprus will be liberated.