46838 - The Deep History of Cyprus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

If we realize chronostrategically that 1974 was the second invasion of Turkey after the invasion of 1570-1571 with the legendary resistance of Famagusta, the framework of deep history of Cyprus gets activated. In other words not only 1878 and 1914 are important but also the change of phase of 1191 because of the Third Crusade with the counterattack of Richard the Lionheart. Because the creation of the Kingdom of Cyprus with the Lusignans is decisive and if it ends with Caterina Cornaro since the Venitians already had demands from her, there exist a continuity on Christian level against the expansionism of the Islamic element which was initially arabic and then turkish. The upgraded history gives meaning to the presence of the Cypriot EEZ of the French Total and the Italian Eni which the american Exxon Mobil also comes to be reinforced through the english continuity. So where small history looks at a community confrontation, big history sees a war of civilizations through the deep and upgraded history of Eastern Mediterranean.