46866 - Upgraded History and Kingdom of Cyprus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

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The small history, with local facts, has the tendency to forget of the Kingdom of Cyprus and its scope within Time while it began in 1192 and ended in 1489 for the Venetian period to follow until 1878 when the Congress of Berlin takes place. In other words the Kingdom of Cyprus has a duration of three centuries, without us giving it though the corresponding value. This fact is due to that the successors did everything they could to erase its traces. They did not succeed though to also erase the relevant community which now belongs to the Republic of Cyprus. Upgraded history which is capable of removing pieces of oblivion from the collective memory shows the significance of that period. It is also interesting to think that the Kingdom of Cyprus had the same institutions with the Kingdom of Jerusalem, only that the King pre-existed relevant to the Nobles and it is him who provided the property titles, that is also why its authority was more powerful.