47141 - The Energean Dynamics of Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Whatever Turkey does in order to place itself into the energean map of the Eastern Mediterranean it make no sense whatsoever, as per the law of the Sea and the Oceans, because it is illegal and she will be diplomatically isolated if she continues her moves which obtain not even an historical foundation.
Greece ought to continue its energean course without delay and without becoming influenced by these moves, because what is important is for us to proceed constructively.
That means that, we ought to establish our energean position by continuing the third licensing round normally, so that we may have more marine blocks which will be adjacent to the Libyan midline and beyond that of course.
We ought to finally establish our EEZ in order to have all the international legal instruments at hand so as to effectively defend our sovereign rights.
We ought to finalise the tripartite agreement with Egypt and Cyprus in order to clarify the fact that we have a contact zone with the Cypriot EEZ, since it will be the path for the East Med gas pipeline, the EuroAsia Interconnector cable and the LNG vessels., so that all our movements to take place within a European context.
We ought to affirm in practical terms our cooperation with Cyprus, because she too plays an energean role within the Eastern Mediterranean as well as a strategic one within the European Union.