47256 - Incorrect maps and Turkish propaganda

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

When we carefully examine Turkey’s Memorandum in regards to demarcations, we understand that it is fundamentally problematic and that Turkey needs to enhance it in a communicative manner.
Within this organized irrationality, we ought to understand that the President of Turkey is desperately seeking to appear as the dominant player in the Eastern Mediterranean region, although he has been excluded from that energean chess board.
He is promoting in a spectacular manner maps which are erroneous, even in regards to the Memorandum he has signed and has not of course been ratified by Libya, because it contains merely two points for the delimitation.
He additionally refrains from explaining that these have been calculated with points upon the Libyan coastline located at the Cyrenaica, ie, outside the range of the government of Tripoli .
In other words, he is trying to expand a result of a blackmail with the exchange of weapons, in order to show that a great achievement has been obtained.
We shouldn’t therefore become influenced by the inaccurate maps and the Turkish propaganda, and we ought to stand at the level of strategy with endurance, so that we may confront all the irrational arguments in order to rationally proceed, and of course always according to the Law of the Sea and the Oceans.

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