47326 - Libya’s Parliament accuses Turkey

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The Libyan Parliament’s President confirms in the most direct manner all the evaluations we had resulted in within the context of their confrontation with Turkey in regards to the blackmailing memorandum imposed upon the government of Tripoli without of course the Cyrenaican consent.
The President gave prominence to the fact that Turkey offers direct military assistance to Fayez al-Sharj both in arms and in soldiers.
He additionally clarified the memorandum’s behind the scenes actions, since he directly accused Qatar regarding payment of its bills due to inability, and he explained that Turkey had been applying pressure upon this government for months on regarding the demarcation issue, because they did not want to sign the memorandum which would have created problems with the entire European Union.
The President of Parliament also repeated that the House of Representatives would not recognize this unacceptable memorandum, which puts Libya itself at risk.
Yet another problem Turkey faces in regards to this matter, is that Russia indirectly supports more-more Commander in chief Haftar, and consequently it has to deal with damage to its own defense system, since it’s relying upon Russia re: the crisis management issues in Syria as well as the Kurdish issue.