47431 - Libya is on an open front with Turkey

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

As a result of Turkey’s attempt to exploit Libya’s weakest political faction, the other, which attacks Tripoli is now openly confronting Turkey and strikes any of her enhancements it may find on its way.
It comes therefore into conflict with Sadat’s paramilitary group, with vessels or even with armored vehicles which have arrived from Turkey.
In other words, the Commander-in-Chief’s political faction has now no hesitation to openly come into confrontation with the Turkish military forces which are directly helping the Tripoli government in order for it not to fall.
On the other hand, they have the indirect support of Russia who isn’t hiding of late, ever since Turkey tried to put across its memorandum in order to promote her irrational positions in the Eastern Mediterranean region, even though it cannot play upon that energean map.
Turkey of course forgotten Russia’s interest in the Zohr reserve within Egypt’s EEZ, forgotten that Egypt was cooperating with the Commander-in-Chief and forgotten that it was Eni who discovered the reserve, while she was harassing her within the Cypriot EEZ in order for Eni not to sign a contract with Cyprus.
Consequently, we see a phase change in Turkey’s handling.