47432 - The handling of Turkey

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Turkey cannot be handled by people who are trying to apply fear upon our nation by putting across their own phobias.
Defeatism was never a tool to deal with Turkish positions.
And those who say that Turkey obtains high strategy, they merely have no idea about strategy whatsoever.
Because there are many examples which indicate that she not only doesn’t have mastery of the issue as such, but that she assumes that she refers to it when expansionism is what she is expressing.
It may so be that Turkey is aware of diplomacy due to the fact that she had to deal with many defeats and to constantly correct the results of absence of military thinking, but she has never managed to reach the level of high strategy
Therefore, even in strategic matters someone always had to consult her, otherwise her failure was predictable.
Turkey suffers from the Ottoman syndrome and she assumes that everything happens with totalitarian power and so she never utilizes clever solutions to make her moves.
But she relies upon the weaknesses of defeatism and servility in order to give the impression that she has power.
This is also evident in the case of the supposedly energean program it wants to implement in the Eastern Mediterranean.