47447 - Finally the first contact with Libya took place

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The Foreign Minister finally made the necessary contact with Libya, which isn’t the government of Tripoli.

And that diplomatic step is substantial, as the Cyrenaica has openly expressed itself against the Turkish memorandum, characterizing it not only void, but also dangerous for Libya.

Greece therefore came to fill a gap left by her, and she can now utilize upon a relationship which brings a change to a country that doesn’t yet obtain government stability.

The Greek Foreign Minister made this strategic contact which ought to be transformed into a strategic relationship in the future.

We should not forget that Egypt supports the same political movement, which is both positive and constructive since we are preparing to implement the triple agreement with Egypt and Cyprus.

Additionally, there is no reason to allow Turkey to take initiatives with the other political side and to capitalize upon its weakness.

With this diplomatic counterattack at the highest level, Greece proves that it does not wait passively for the implementations of the Turkish positions, but on the contrary it creates diplomatic and strategic relations with other countries in order to shield the Greek EEZ.