47448 - The necessity for Greek initiatives regarding the EEZ

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

If Turkey opts to self isolate itself then that’s her own problem and not Greece’s.
Therefore, we should not deal exclusively with her irrational moves but we ought to respond with constructive actions.
So we need to make more intense contacts with all the countries around the Greek EEZ: ie, Albania, Italy, Libya, Egypt and of course Cyprus.
No framework of alliance should be left unutilized. Albania signed with Eni, which is friendly to us due to Cyprus and Egypt.
Italy wants to enter into a joint explotation with us in regards to the Pyrros reserve.
Libya wants stabilization.
Egypt wants to export its natural gas to the European Union especially after the initial exploitation of the Zohr reserve.
Cyprus wants to be enhanced.
Further away from the direct contacts is Israel, due to an alliance at a strategic, a military and energean levels, but also the USA which are playing quite differently now, in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Consequently, instead of wasting time with what Turkey has to say or do, let us devote ourselves to a strategy which will activate our allies.
So that we may produce a common work and enhance our strategic mix with both the EastMed natural gas pipeline as well as with the EuroAsia Interconnector power cable.