47453 - The pre-election period in Skopje and its impacts

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

It is already interesting what it’s being said in Skopje during the pre-election period regarding the Prespes Pre-agreement.
Because in Greece, with adroitness, the impression is given that nothing can be changed and especially in regards to the invalidation issue.
Whereas in Skopje, the cancellation of the Pre-agreement constitutes a matter of debate and more specifically an aim of the opposition’s political program, in the case of a victory in the upcoming elections.
It would be really hilarious for us to see the invalidation in Skopje, while our experts are explaining that it is impossible.
If Skopje invalidate the Pre-agreement , what would the experts in Greece say then?
To appeal at the International Court of Justice?
And why even though in Skopje they see clearly that at best it’s regarded as a bilateral relationship, back in Greece many want to present to us the entire issue at an international level?
Why although in Skopje it’s obvious the signing was ideological, back in Greece we are told that they have been pressured?
And where are the pressures now so they can in turn pressure the Skopians who want to invalidate it?
More and more, it becomes obvious that the trash of the ideological fundament which assumed that it would be able to erase history without the existence of obstacles and resistance.
They do however exist.

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