47455 - Israel condemns the Turkish memorandum

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Israel has made it clear that it’s not about to accept the Turkish memorandum with Libya because it quite simply considers it illegal.
Additionally, due to the fact that for Israel, it’s accessibility to the European market for the sale of natural gas is of strategic importance, and that could only occur through Cyprus and then Greece to then join up with Italy which obtains an enormous natural gas distribution network, so Israel is not about to back away and accept pressure from Turkey.
In 2010 Israel has signed up an EEZ delimitation agreement with Cyprus using the median line concept, considering of course, that as an island it obtained both EEZ and continental shelf .
It simultaneously observes that Turkey is trying to obstruct the triple agreement between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, through pressures upon the EastMed natural gas pipeline issue, only that such action goes directly against Israeli interests.
Consequently, it becomes understood by all how important this project of common interest is, that through its existence and the common interests it creates, it shields, whereas in the past many couldn’t see its geopolitical interest.