47511 - Quadripartite Alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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We knew and we know how significant the tripartite alliance between Greece, Egypt and Cyprus is within the Eastern Mediterranean, but of course the other triple alliance between Greece, Cyprus and Israel as well, however now, we are entering a new period, as France comes in to enhance the first, with its active presence, turning it into a quadripartite alliance because of the common interests created in the region, thanks to the reserves Afrodite (2011), Zohr (2015), Calypso (2018) and Glafcos (2019).
Consequently, these four countries which have a common energean strategy are coming all the more closer, at a high strategy level. .
So it’s not in regards therefore to a simple military cooperation matter .
They all see their common future within the Eastern Mediterranean and they overcome any difficulty which is trying to hinder their common vision.
After all, Total wouldn’t have been active in so many marine blocks both in the Cypriot and the Greek EEZ if it had not had the French official strategic policy to protect its energean interests.
As a result. in this constructive manner, the quadripartite alliance de-escalates an artificial crisis, in order to show to all, what is the route of the future for the entire region, without irrational phobias.