47512 - The path of light

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: Why do I see the path of light as if it were a ladder?
Master: Because you don’t see it yet …
Disciple Only with exceedance will I see it?
Master: You will experience it!
Disciple And when I’m happy going beyond the ordinary, what does it mean?
Master: That the path illuminated your face.
Disciple If I was constantly following it without being from time to time away from it, would I be illuminated?
Master: You would be illuminated on all sides.
Disciple I don’t see my shadow …
Master: The reason is simple…
Disciple And what is that?
Master: It’s always behind you when you observe me.
Disciple And why don’t I always see you?
Master: Because you often shut your eyes.
Disciple: Why am I afraid?
Master: Due of injustice.
Disciple So I’m innocent?
Master: You are, but you are finding it difficult to be righteous.
Disciple: But why?
Master: Because of your ladder …