47559 - Alliance of Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the glance of the USA

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

It is not merely the alliance of Greece with Cyprus and Egypt which touches France, there is also Greece’s alliance with Cyprus and Israel that touches the USA.
Because the USA have a chronostrategic alliance with Israel, they see its topostrategic alliance with Greece and Cyprus very positively.
Consequently, a high strategy alliance context involving five countries reaches completion.
Because both ExxonMobil and Total constitute national tools for the USA and France respectively .
An amalgamation is formed by three European Union countries, three NATO countries and two countries directly related to the Suez.
And now the Chambers of Commerce also come to enhance these strategic innovative alliances.
Indeed, it’s them which function as catalysts in regards to the EEZ delimitation issues.
We therefore observe the big picture of the Eastern Mediterranean which has been configurated due to the energy which derives from the natural gas reserves within the sea, but of course also those we are expecting on, in combination with their magnitude, since these are hypergigantic reserves which obtain strategic importance for the future.
It is a tangible upgrading example of geopolitics, due to the innovation of geoeconomics.
As a result, the effective combination of strategy and energy emerges