47573 - The upgraded Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

As unbelievable as it may seem to many, not to say to the most, we can already talk about an upgraded Greece due to the strategic agreement regarding the EastMed natural gas pipeline.
And this is not resulting merely from the fact that we are a passage for energy, but that we are also beginning to be energy producers.
The agreements we have made with Total, Edison, Repsol and ExxonMobil constitute a strategic mix connected to the EastMed project of common interest.
Because all players of the region want access to this strategic pipeline.
Therefore Greece is upgrading itself, because it is situated in this ideal region with topostrategic and chronostrategic allies, who now have strong energean interests.
Consequently, because the data has changed due to the discovery of the reserves we are no longer merely in the context of discussions in regards to the Law of the Sea and the Oceans, and we are no longer confined to legal discussions which proved fruitless for decades, but we are moving on to the next stage, dominated by strategy due to the difference occurring from energy.
Therefore, even those who have never believed in the existence of hydrocarbons in both Cyprus and Greece, ought to now admit that this high strategy choice was appropriate, because it brings tangible results.