47591 - The barbaric beating of the Greek-Australian

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Barbarism has no boundaries and doesn’t stop when it is protected by inection and the lies of propaganda.
The fact that Skopians continue to use an illegal flag all though their government had already signed the Interim Agreement in 1995, which had legally closed the matter is indicative of that.
But the extreme Skopians, and their expatriates more specifically, never complied to it.
This has not changed even with the signing of the Pre-Agreement, which in actual fact implies quite simply, that the ideology which wanted to concede more from what was proper, permits these actions on the pretense that they don’t really matter, only that these actions also lead to other barbarities.
Therefore, the barbaric beating of the Greek-Australian, targeted by extreme Skopians, constitutes one of the expected after effects.
Consequently, the President of Pan-macedonians of America was right when saying that we ought to continue the fight until the justification.
Otherwise we will have more victims of this barbarism which is not about to stop unless we fight for the history and the Hellenism of Macedonia.