47595 - Yet another Libyan dispute over the Turkish Memorandum

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As time goes by, that much more the Turkish memorandum with Libya is disputed.
Because the opposition becomes stronger and stronger.
Simultaneously, it makes it clear that they will invalidate this unacceptable memorandum, which is the result of a Turkish blackmail upon the weaker side of Libya which needed military support.
It is now Admiral Farang el Mahndawi, the Libyan Navy Commander, who is coming to enhance Greece’s position, since he is explaining that as soon as there is a new government, that it will dump in the trash this senseless memorandum.
Therefore this weird alliance which Turkey pursued is becoming increasingly weaker because it is disputed even internally.
No one believes anymore that this is an agreement between two states.
They all have understood that this is regarding an ideological article, since only one political side has signed it and there is no reason for the next government to be committed to it.
This also constitutes a good lesson for those who are trying to convince us that fractious agreements could have national implications.
Turkey will have more and more problems due to this memorandum, because the international community has interpreted it as an act of barbarism which does not follow the law of the sea and the oceans.