47600 - The EEZ as reinforcement of Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

We are increasingly becoming aware that the Greek EEZ constitutes a defensiveness for Greece, which is not merely an economic issue.
The Greek EEZ is a geo-economic tool which upgrades Greece geopolitically.
With the crisis caused by the absurd Turkish memorandum, everyone understood how important the EEZ is, firstly for our islands, and for the entire Greece as well of course.
We have also seen how important is the EastMed natural gas pipeline which constitutes a European Commission’s project of common interest, because it implements the alliances which derive from the EEZ context, especially with Italy, with Libya, Egypt and of course with Cyprus.
Additionally, in this allied context, both France and the USA come to play their role.
Therefore it is no longer merely a matter regarding the oil companies Total and ExxonMobil but it has simultaneously acquired a national character which allows for a high strategy existence at an international level.
It is obvious to everyone how powerful the Greek EEZ tool is in combination with the discoveries of the reserves, Tamar (2009), Leviathan (2010), Aphrodite (2011), Zohr (2015), Calypso (2018), Glaucus (2019).
It is no longer merely a theoretical context of experts, as the Greek EEZ was previously accused of been, but a powerful tool with tangible consequences which come to strategically enhance our national positions and to utilize upon our role both within the European Union and in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Because whether or not the opponents of the EEZ and those who are indifferent want it, it’s situated upon the chronostrategic axis which is linking the Eastern Mediterranean with the European Union.