48620 - Yavuz left the Cypriot EEZ

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

From the 26th of December 2019 Yavuz was not sending a location signal although everyone was reporting that it was within marine block 8, but they were in actual fact unable to crosscheck their statements.
Now however that Yavuz has again sent a signal, we can see upon the map that it is situated in the area of Constantinople, which means that it had left far prior, and it did not in fact go to the same location as Fatih since it is much further away than that.
Therefore, this cycle of the Turkish propaganda came to an end although it wanted to present to all, the existence of the drill within the Cypriot EEZ eventhough it was there no more.
Turkey relied of course, upon the fact that the combination of defeatism and a lack of technical knowledge easily produces misinformation.
As a result everyone was under the impression that the drill was doing its job, whereas it had stopped and was gone.
Consequently, even the arrival of the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle did not in fact alter anything, as Turkey had already retreated.
We have therefore a good example of the resistance possibilities offered by knowledge at a technical level, as it itself voids misinformation.
Hereon, everyone will be looking out for the AIS signal emission dates of each drill.