48723 - The invalidance of the pseudo-state’s proposal

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The candidate for the leadership of the pseudo-state in the forthcoming elections, proposed the return of 6% of the territory to the Greek Cypriots in exchange for the acceptance of the two-state model solution in Cyprus, and for the Turkish Cypriots participation in a natural gas committee.
It seems that the pseudo-minister is not aware of the proposals which have already been rejected in the past, which gave even more territory to the Greek Cypriots.
Therefore, the Annan Plan was giving 28.5% for the Turkish Cypriots back in 2004 and Akıncı’s proposal was for 29.2% in 2016.
What’s more important however, is that with the current proposal, the interest generated by the natural gas of the Cypriot EEZ is quite obvious.
In actual fact he is trying to entice the refugees with the 6%, so he can obtain natural gas.
And that is indicative of the power of the energean EEZ
Cyprus has already proposed, that if there is recognition of Cyprus and the EEZ, the associated earnings they are entitled to, to be attributable to the Turkish Cypriots who are citizens of Cyprus .
Consequently, for those who think more profoundly, it seems officially now that the EEZ constitutes a tool of liberation, which we should not waste with wrong actions upon void proposals.
Because the EEZ will completely liberate the Occupied Territories.