48833 - Greek defense against the Turkish migrant attack

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Turkey allowed illegal immigrants, but additionally helped them to find themselves at the Greek borders, and as a result the security forces needed to become activated.
With this unacceptable action she simply deleted the 2016 Memorandum about which, some quite irrelevant people in regards to strategic issues were so proud.
And now it would be interesting to hear their apologies for the awful mistakes they’ve made, although nothing would in fact change.
The only truth is that this movement which was artificially triggered by Turkey has nothing to do with Syrian refugees.
It is clearly regarding people who illegally derive from other countries such as Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.
Additionally the use of violence by illegal immigrants was also premeditated.
It is not therefore merely a matter of illegal immigration but about an aggressive approach by Turkey which exploits the illegal immigrants in a blackmailing sort of manner in order to get her political propaganda across.
It is therefore necessary to defend ourselves seriously both at our borders in Evros, but also on our islands in the Aegean, with the appropriate forces, in order to immediately put across our determination through the effectiveness of our dealing with the entire issue.
Of course, we ought to simultaneously disturb the many interests of individuals who are trafficking all these people around, and have financial rewards at the expense of our homeland.
But at this point, there is no other option but to confront this Turkish attempt against Greece and simultaneously Europe as well.
However, we have proved that if there is political will, there is also serious defense .