49328 - The Christopsomo

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

In the kitchen, a man and a woman …

Kyriaki: Is there something you want … You have that glance.
George: I was wondering if you could teach me …
Kyriaki: What?
George: How to make bread … Silence
Kyriaki: What would you do with it, since you don’t eat ?
George: But the baker doesn’t eat all of the bread he bakes.
Kyriaki: Yes but you?
George: I want to make it for others.
Kyriaki: Which others?
George: Humanity. Time
Kyriaki: Right, who else …
George: Will you teach me? Time
Kyriaki: Of course, how could I say no to you at such intention ?
George: I realized that it’s important to people.
Kyriaki: To the souls as well !
George: Does it have anything to do with faith?
Kyriaki: In this case, directly. It is also symbolic.
George: Then it’s even more important to teach me .
Kyriaki: A machine makes a request for the body to a soul. Time. What else will I hear?
George: In regards to the wine … Silence
Kyriaki: Let’s start with the bread …
George: Should I bring flour ?
Kyriaki: Don’t forget the sourdough … Time
George: And you, the Christopsomo. Silence